Thank you so much to Root who came out and helped us harvest 400 heads of garlic and hang them up to dry!  They did a great job and had lots of good questions about agriculture and how veggies are grown.  We love the Root Program and think it’s great for young chefs to see where their ingredients come from.  Check out some pics below…

IMG_4152  IMG_4153IMG_4163  IMG_4159


SSU Sociology Institute

We were lucky enough to have Professor Moore and her amazing students out at the garden, they accomplished so much in just four days!  They were able to construct, fill, and plant two new large garden beds.  They also stained garden beds, seeded the green house, planted beds, and did many other chores around GreenSpace.  They were an incredibly positive group of people who we feel a strong connection with.  Check out some pics below from the week…

FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender (1)  FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (4)  IMG_4138FullSizeRender (5)  IMG_4134  IMG_4142

Forest River Adventure Camp

For the third year in a row, we welcomed back the Forest River Adventure Camp, they are a great group of kids who always love our garden…they had great questions about our vegetables and then helped us out by adding a coat of stain to our beds!  We really appreciate their hard work and wish them a fun summer!

Volunteer Day 6-16-18

We had another amazing day in the garden, things are really starting to come together!  Today we had a crew of experienced gardeners, they got a lot done for sure!  Thanks to Eva, Marco, Lauren, Nate, Edwin, and Nick…we accomplished a lot in both GreenSpace as well as the LifeBridge Shelter Garden…(weeded / seeded / planted seedlings / hung signs / painted signs / watered / repaired beds / and more…).  Check some pics below…

IMG_4042  IMG_4043  IMG_4044  IMG_4046  IMG_4047

Methuen Y!

Hey Methuen, thanks so much for coming out last week!  We had so much fun meeting you and really do appreciate the help…wishing you the best as you begin planning your own garden up north…you have a great crew and we’d love to help you in the future…the crew did a lot of work; seeding, planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting!


Spring Updates…

OK, we’ve been really busy in the garden lately…will do my best to summarize…1) Groups keep coming out to help.  2) Green house filled. 3) Green house emptied. 4) Beds seeded 5) Seedlings planted. 6) New ground broken at LifeBridge. 7) New ground broken at the Salem Y’s Kids’ Garden. 8) Soil topped up everywhere. 9) In the process of hiring back our teens. 10) Planning events with lots of local organizations for the summer.

Here’s a list of what we have in the ground right now…tomatoes / cucumbers / onions / beets / carrots / potatoes / radishes / turnips / arugula / spinach / leeks / lettuce / eggplant / garlic / sage / scallions / cilantro / mint / hops / oregano / basil / zucchini / summer squash / raspberries / strawberries / peaches / grapes / okra / corn / kale / other things I’ve forgotten…check out some pics below from the last couple of weeks…look how great the garlic is looking!

IMG_3990  IMG_3995  IMG_3998  IMG_4001  IMG_4002IMG_4003  IMG_4004  IMG_4006

YMCA Kid’s Garden!

We broke ground today on the YMCA Kid’s Garden…big thanks to Nate and Nicky Lebron for their help…they were naturals using the tools and picked up quickly on the process of building raised beds…we still have some work to do, but got a lot done, I’m proud of these Salem High School Seniors!  Wishing them the best as they move on to the next phase in their lives…also, big thanks to Edwin for the help running power and getting us the supplies!

IMG_3961  IMG_3962  IMG_3960  IMG_3959

SSU’s – C.S.I. (Again!)

SSU’s, CSI (Community Service Initiative) came out again…they’ve been consistent in helping us out every spring for at least the last three years…as always, they brought a super positive energy!  We got a lot of work done, and just had fun…for example they direct seeded; potatoes / beets / carrots / onions / leeks / radishes / and turnips.  They also seeded a bunch of fruiting vegetables in our greenhouse.  It was great to see Jack, Tenly, and Kerry, as well as Ana and Nate from Salem High School…of course Nick and some of our staff came out as well…check out some pics below from the day…

IMG_3931  IMG_3930  IMG_3932  IMG_3934  IMG_3935  IMG_3936  IMG_3933

SHS Bridge Academy! (again)

Thank you so much to the crew from Salem High School’s, Bridge Academy!  They did an absolutely amazing job today…they were able to move five yards of soil, topped up all of our garden beds, and hung up signs that Nate painted!  This enables us to get seeds in the ground weeks earlier, which translates to healthy food to the community weeks earlier.  We threw a BBQ to celebrate the graduation of our seniors and are so proud of their accomplishments!  Check out some pics below from the day…

FullSizeRender  IMG_3918  IMG_3920  IMG_3926 (1)  IMG_3400  IMG_3927  IMG_3395  FullSizeRender (1)  FullSizeRender (2)  IMG_3928  IMG_3393

Shore Country Day School!

Thank you so much to Shore Country Day School who took part in the United Way’s, Day of Service…you did such an amazing job and wow, you worked at an insane pace!  A great group of kids and parents who really set us up for another great season!  They turned all of the soil in garden #2, all of the soil in the main garden for the second time, they seeded many trays in the green house, moved a compost pile, cleaned up garden #2, filled an empty bed, and helped move water into long-term storage containers…check out some pics below of the crew in action…

IMG_2137  IMG_2129IMG_2134  IMG_2131  IMG_2128 IMG_2139.jpg